Do you ever have multiple contracts with the same party?  Or want to set up a template for your team to use with certain information already filled out in ContractSafe?  It's easy to create a "Clone" or "Copy" of a contract and all associated data in ContractSafe.

Just set up your main contract the way that you'd like to.  Check the boxes you need, enter in counterparties and key dates if appropriate, apply tags, even attach supporting documents -- whatever you want copied over.  Then, when you're ready, just select "Duplicate Contract" from the Options menu on the Contracts Page:

That's it!  A copy of the actual contract will be created, and all the information you've entered will copy over.  The new document will be at the top of your Contracts List.  

You'll want to change the name, and add any data specific to that contract.

This feature is great for templates, form agreements, departmental standards, etc.

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